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Homemade Cushions Covers

Today, out of sheer desperation I decided to get the girls busy making something, anything at this stage. Refer back to my post from yesterday -  They Are Still On Holiday where I whinge about how bored we all are.  One of them got some permanent markers for Christmas - they could have only come… Continue reading Homemade Cushions Covers


Today’s Project 

Today I spent time doing something I enjoy.  Sewing. My 25 year old self would have been appalled! Isn't it funny how things change. I made this Tote Bag today, mostly from my own 'pattern'. I used tips from a few online patterns. The straps are too long but I am not in the mood… Continue reading Today’s Project 

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Another one to add to the SAHM job description:

Seamstress/crafting professional. This last 1/2 of the year has made me delve into the depths of my previously abandoned creativity! Let me just say, what on earth did our parents do before there was the internet, specifically Pinterest or YouTube? So far I have made the girls hats for Spring day, mummy outfits for Halloween.… Continue reading Another one to add to the SAHM job description: